Choosing a time-saving electronic shouldn't take hours of research.
Use the 2-minute TechFitter to receive a comparison table customized for YOU.

    Find your best tech...faster

    STOP wasting time reading endless product reviews and comparisons.
    FILL IN our multiple choice TechFitter questionnaire, we’ll calculate the variables,
    Then we’ll let you know which brand is the best for you...and why.

    Home Assistants

    Amazon Echo or Google Home?

    There are more techie gadgets and consumer electronics than ever before but with so much to choose from how do you find the right fit for your lifestyle?

    Product review sites and side-by-side comparison articles are based on what the writer liked (or was written by someone who has never even used the product).

    Product reviews also don’t consider your likes and dislikes or other tech devices you have and what is important to you. They’re based on a bias of a random content writer who is probably based on the other side of the world.

    We didn’t think that made a lot of sense either, so we decided to do something about it.

    No More Guesswork

    We’re taken the guess work out of your next consumer purchase with TechFitter, the first and only customized online questionnaire that hand-crafts product reviews based completely on your likes, dislikes, needs, and desires.

    Not on a content writer you never met before.

    100% Free to Use

    Comparing tech devices has never been so easy; rank the benefits that matter the most to you and toss aside the features that don’t mean as much.

    TechFitter was created for the gadget-loving gal and guy who has better things to do with their time than sift through countless biased product reviews and listen to someone else’s idea of what’s hot and what’s not about today’s products.

    Finally, an online product review of tech products that caters to your needs.

    How's that for hot technology?

    Skip the Reviews

    Our TechFitter will present a series of questions and give you the choice of responding with one of the following:
    • Must have
    • Nice to have
    • Not sure

    We Measure You

    Based on of your responses, our TechFitter will calculate which of two products would be the best fit for your household based on a percentage.

    We won’t leave you hanging there!

    Answer the Questions

    Choose the best fitting answer to each one of the carefully selected questions (each question corresponds to particular features of one or both products so every answer matters). When you’ve answered all the questions, click the “SHOW ME THE BEST FIT” button and voila!

    Read the Report

    Based on what you voted as being the most important feature(s), we’ll let you know all the reasons we think one product is a better fit and also what features it doesn’t have (again based on your responses). You’ll also receive a list of reasons why the second product wouldn’t be as suitable as well as any features did hit the mark based on what you told us that you are looking for.

    Choosing a time-saving electronic
    shouldn't take hours of research

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