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How I Use My Tech

Lee: "Our toddler talks to her cousin"

Lee's Amazon Echo and Google Home MiniI got the Amazon Echo as a birthday gift from my wife. After seeing how useful it was to control the light system in our house with voice command, I got more lights, and also purchased the Amazon Echo Dot so that we could...

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Stephen: "I'm teaching my kids to love reading"

Stephen: "I'm teaching my kids to love reading"For someone like me who reads a lot, the Kindle E-reader is fantastic. Going on holidays, I can just take the Kindle instead of a stack of books—it saves a lot of weight and baggage. 

I have three kids, age six, nine, and eleven; their favorites series is the Harry Potter series which they absolutely love. They have read the whole series aloud together…they’re obsessed! My two older ones are currently reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy on the Kindle.

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Kristiina: "I ask Amazon Echo for the answers"

Kristiina: "I ask Amazon Echo for the answers"I was shocked when my husband brought home an Amazon Echo, because he had always said that we would never get one because he’s very concerned about privacy. He works in the IT industry, so he’s very aware of the risks of having someone potentially listening in or collecting data from us, but since we received it as a gift from someone at work, he decided...

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Nick: "We're getting more sleep with Amazon Echo"

we're getting more sleep with Amazon echoWhen I brought home our first Amazon Echo, my wife wasn't crazy about the idea as she's not really a techie kind of person. Now that we've had Alexa around for a few years, she's found a lot of ways for our Echo devices to help her keep the household running smoothly. For instance, she asks Alexa to turn various lights on and off around the house or asks her to announce the day’s activities from the family calendar. If she wants a quick

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Doris: "I get more exercise with my Fitbit"

i get more exercise with my fitbit more music with google home

I’m 72 and not a tech person at all. I am a part-time patient care rep at an eye surgery center… That is when I don’t have the grandkids staying over!

I got a Fitbit for Christmas and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. My daughter set it up for me, and now I like the way I can keep track of my step count each day. When I’m working, I’m on my feet all day… I was surprised at 

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