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TechFitter: Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Tap, Sonos, Echo Auto

A comparison table customized for YOU...which Alexa-enabled Echo is best for your needs?

2-minute TechFitter...because choosing a time-saving device shouldn't take hours of research!

Which features are important to you?

I want my Echo to be portable.

I want my Echo to have a camera.

I want my Echo to connect with a Bluetooth or wifi-enabled speaker.

I want to be able to place phone calls with my Echo.

I want to place video phone calls with my Echo.

I want to send messages to other Echo users with my Echo.

I want to play music (the same music) in more than one room at a time.

I want to have premium-quality sound from the speakers.

I want a device specifically for kids.

I want a device that will style my wardrobe and help with fashion decisions.

I want a device that works in my car.

I want to watch TV and movies on my device.

Check all that apply:

I want a device that allows me to voice control my TV.
I want to scan my groceries with a wand to add them to the Amazon shopping cart.
I have 4k Ultra HD on my TV and want to voice control the TV. (If you don't know, you probably don't have it!)
I want to voice-control my thermostat.
I want to voice control my home phone line (not a mobile phone, but my land line home phone).
I want to voice control the light bulbs in my house.
I want to control electrical outlets in my home.
I want a security camera.
I want to lock or unlock a door remotely from my smart phone.
I want an alert on my smart phone if my smoke alarm goes off or if there is a carbon monoxide leak.
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Choosing a time-saving electronic
shouldn't take hours of research

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