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Which Fitbit device is the best fit for you?

Answer 2 minutes of questions and we'll tell you which device is a better fit for YOU!
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Which features are important to you?

I want to monitor my heart rate during workouts.
I want to track my bike rides.
I want support for strength training.
I want to play music from my Fitbit.
I want to store music on my Fitbit.
I want guided breathing sessions.
I want a built-in GPS to track my exercise routes.
I want to be able to make payments using my Fitbit by storing payment information in my device.
I want to receive notifications on my Fitbit for calls and text messages.
I want my Fitbit to be waterproof.
I want to be able to change out the wristband with Fitbit accessories (leather, metal and more).
I want to track my sleep.
I want my Fitbit to display the time (have a clock).

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