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TechFitter: Google Mini, Google Max, Google Home, Google Hub

A comparison table customized for YOU...which Google Home is best for your needs?

2-minute TechFitter...because choosing a time-saving device shouldn't take hours of research!

Which features are important to you?

Describe your buying approach

I want a small, compact device.

I want my model to have the very best speaker quality (without connecting to external speakers).

I want to connect my external speakers with a wifi or Bluetooth connection and rely on the sound quality of the external speaker.

I want to display photo albums on my device.

I want to have a video doorbell.

I want to watch TV and movies on my device.

Check all that apply:

I want to voice control my TV.
I want to voice control my high-def TV.
I want to stream music to a speaker I already have.
I want to voice-control my thermostat.
I want an alert on my smart phone if my smoke alarm goes off or if there is a carbon monoxide leak.
I want to voice control the light bulbs in my house.
I want to control electrical outlets in my home.
I want a security camera.
I want to lock or unlock a door remotely from my smart phone.
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Choosing a time-saving electronic
shouldn't take hours of research

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