Doris: "I get more exercise with my Fitbit"

i get more exercise with my fitbit more music with google homeNo Techie's Here...What's a Fitbit?

I’m 72 and not a tech person at all. I am a part-time patient care rep at an eye surgery center… That is when I don’t have the grandkids staying over!

I got a Fitbit for Christmas and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. My daughter set it up for me, and now I like the way I can keep track of my step count each day. When I’m working, I’m on my feet all day… I was surprised at how fast those steps add up! Sometimes when I’m close to my goal, I’ll walk a little extra before I go to bed, just to see that number go a little higher.

I didn’t think I’d use the sleep tracking function, but it’s interesting to see a graph showing my sleep cycles and how many times I wake up at night. On those days when I feel more tired than usual, I can see that my sleep schedule was bad the night before, so I feel justified in taking a mid-day nap.

I do wish the Fitbit would stay charged longer though; I don’t always know when it will lose its charge.

First a Fitbit, then a Google Home

I also have a Google Home, which was a Mother’s Day gift. I had no idea what it did or why I would want one, but when I figured out that I could listen to songs I hadn’t heard in years just by telling Google Home what to play, I was hooked. I have a Google Play subscription, so I have access to just about every song out there. I still haven’t figured out how to build playlists, but it doesn’t really matter. I just tell it what to play. I like that I do not have to have a big stack of CDs sitting around my living room. I also like that I can tell Google Play to skip a song I don’t like, although I wish it would remember that I don’t like that song and never play it again.

which is the best fitbit for meWhen my sister and her husband come over, we sit around the living room and take turns asking Google Home to play all the old songs from when we were kids… It is all right there at our voice command. Occasionally it will not know a song, but for the most part, it can play them all.

I like the Google Home so much that I asked for a Google Home Mini for Christmas, so I could hear use it in my bedroom. I can also use it to dial out if for some reason I can’t get to my phone, because Google Home will let me make a phone call with a voice command; the sound quality isn’t great for the other person on the line, but it would be great in the event of an emergency!

My grandkids, age 4 and 6, love to play with it too. My granddaughter asks it to tell her a story, and it keeps her entertained for as long as I let her listen. My grandson likes to say: “Hey Google, pull my finger,” and hear the resulting sound effects. At Christmas time, both of them used Google Home to call Santa, who asked them several Christmas questions. We have a lot of fun with Google Home around here!

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