Stephen: "I'm teaching my kids to love reading"

Stephen: "I'm teaching my kids to love reading"

Reading with Amazon Kindle

I looked at a lot of reviews, so even before buying the Kindle E-reader, I had a very good feeling about its features. Really, there’s not much competition in the e-reader market. Out of all the e-readers, the screen technology, battery life, and connection with Amazon make the Kindle E-reader the best.

For someone like me who reads a lot, the Kindle E-reader is fantastic. Going on holidays, I can just take the Kindle instead of a stack of books—it saves a lot of weight and baggage. 

I have three kids, age six, nine, and eleven so they’re outgrowing bedtime stories, but I used to read them picture storybooks. Now their favorites series is the Harry Potter series which they absolutely love. They have read the whole series aloud together…they’re obsessed! My two older ones are currently reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy on the Kindle.

Teaching my kids to love reading is undoubtedly a priority for me, and the Kindle E-reader makes the habit easier to stimulate and more enjoyable. Reading is a phenomenal life skill; kids should absolutely be encouraged to like it. I think giving them an electrical device makes it more appealing to them. 


Amazon Echo

When it comes to smart speakers, I did quite a lot of research before settling on the Amazon Echo. I compared it with the Google Home, but the Apple HomePod one was not available at the time. In terms of choosing between Google Home and Amazon, the Amazon Echo seems to be the better home system, with more of a personality and more features. I chose the Amazon Echo Plus because it had a built-in hub.

We just moved into a new house, and there are so many lights here…it’s ridiculous! One of the main reasons for getting the Amazon Echo Plus was the light control feature. It saves me from running around the house turning lights on and off all day.

Another feature I use is setting timers. It’s such a silly little thing, but so helpful when cooking. 


Amazon Music

Amazon Music is probably what I use the most on the device. When I can play Amazon Music with a voice command, it’s easy to enjoy some of my favorite artists, such as Green Day, Bastille, and Radiohead.

As a technology skill developer, I plan to build some Alexa skills with the Amazon Echo to benefit companies. For example, one of the skills I want to create is the ability to ask Alexa to book a table in a local restaurant. The Amazon Echo is such a great device and offers so many different possibilities. 

I have recommended Amazon Echo to anyone who will listen!

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