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A comparison table customized for YOU...which smart speaker is best for your needs?

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Which features are important to you?

I want my assistant to understand natural language; I don't want to have to learn to speak in a certain syntax.
I buy routine items from Amazon and want to tell my device to reorder for me.
I want my device to play on multiple speakers throughout my house.
I want my device to read my audiobooks.
I want the best audio quality available.
More than one person will use the assistant and each person needs to have their own account; the assistant needs to recognize the voice of the user and use that person's account.
I want my assistant to read web recipes aloud one step at a time while I cook.
I want to use voice commands to my home assistant to control my TV.
I want to tell my assistant to call someone in my phone list.
I want to place several assistants throughout the house and use them as an intercom system.
I want to use my Home Assistant for home control (such as turning light bulbs on, starting the coffee maker, controlling my thermostat, etc).
I want to be able to allow myself (or other people I approve) to be able to drop-in and view a room in my house with a webcam. (Drop in on nannies, elderly loved ones, pets or a nursery)
I want to be able to make video calls with my device.
I am open to using any of the following music subscription services. If you do not plan to use a music service, leave all boxes blank.
Amazon Music Service
Apple Music
Google Play Music
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Choosing a time-saving electronic
shouldn't take hours of research

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