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Which SmartWatch is the best fit for you?

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Which features are important to you?

I am open to using these operating systems
iOS (Apple)
I want to be able to call and text on my smartwatch even when my phone isn't present.
I am open to using these phone carriers for watches that can make calls and texts without a phone present.
I want my watch to have fitness tracking.
I want my smartwatch to help me with strength training.
I want my smartwatch to monitor my heart rate.
I want my smartwatch to track my sleep.
I want my smartwatch to help me with blood sugar monitoring (via a continuous glucose monitor).
I want to make payments from my watch using NFC payments. (I want to setup a payment account on my watch so that the watch can beam my payment to the checkout machine when I buy something.)
I want my watch to be waterproof.
My pricing preference
I prefer lower priced options.
I prefer luxury options.

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